Optimise your bookings

In case you already trusted your property to a villa management company and are only interested to optimise bookings, we can offer following:

  •Creating a website advertisement by taking pictures, describing the property and preparing everything necessary
  to be put online, free of charge.

•Advertising your rental property in www.algarvacation.com as well as in several other websites, specialised in rentals.
  Our website per property offers villa description, equipment summary, location info, a picture gallery with 14 (!!)
  pictures, prices with booking conditions and a booking form, we're not aware of anyone offering a more extended
  presentation. This service, again, is free of charge to you.

•Cooperation with partner agencies to achieve an even higher occupation rate, not influencing in any way the rate
  agreed you receive from us.

•The full administrational and financial side of all bookings, taking in signed rental contract and a copy of passport of
  responsible person for rental party and full payment. Without proper documentation and complete payment no route
  description will be handed out and, naturally, no access to your property will be allowed.

•Full information about arrival, departure, amount and party size will be given to your management company to let all
  achieved bookings run smoothly.

•24 hour emergency service, basicly responsibility of course of your villa management company, however we'll also be
  available to help in cae of emergencies.

•Payment of achieved rental income to you directly or your villa management, according to your wishes.

To avoid disabuse of your property tenant declares in signed rental contract, stating clearly the maximum occupation rate,
  to accept evacuation of ALL guests in case of over-occupying your property. 90% of rental income is, as stated in rental contract and accepted by signature, secured in case tenant cancels rental contract within two months before first day of rental period.

For us, Algarvacation.com, it is our goal to offer you a hassle free renting out of your property, ensuring an extremely reliable organisation and - service so you can be at home with an absolute peace of heart.

Per achieved booking a commission fee will be charged, not to be indicated generally, starting from 10% + IVA. Depending on your property, a fixed fee for a certain rental period might be considered.

Would you like to know more?

Please contact us, so we can give you a no obligation offer on your specific situation. Upon definite interest having Algarvacation.com Mediacao Imobiliaria Lda support you in achieving bookings we will present a written agreement, clearly stating all details involved, herewith avoiding any space for misunderstandings in the course of our cooperation.
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