If you decided to sell your property in the Algarve you can call for our services to try and find a potential buyer.

Providing this service to a client (the seller) will, according to Portuguese real estate laws, have to be brought down to paper, more specific; an official contract between Algarvacation.com Mediacao Imobiliaria Lda and seller will have to be signed, containing all the necessary details to achieve a full legal transaction of property ownership rights. Every licensed real estate company (in Portuguese; Mediacao Imobiliaria Lda) in Portugal has the freedom to draw up its own contract, however this contract has to be approved by DECO (Associação Portuguesa para a Defesa do Consumidor, a state institution overlooking and protecting consumer rights). At all times every licensed real estate agent needs to be able to show an official approved contract to INCI (Institituto da Construcao e do Imobiliaria, another state institution regulating and controlling construction- and real estate sector).
Algarvacation.com has chosen to use the contract proposed by INCI, herewith automaticly following all the clauses drawn up by INCI, thus complying with all the relevant Portuguese laws, creating a clear relation between seller and Algarvacation.com and of course a trustful impression towards potential buyers.

After signing, Algarvacation.com will try and find a buyer for your property. Only after finding a definite buyer and after signing a promissary contract (contrato promessa de compra e venda, containing a promise from seller / buyer to step down from- / adquire property ownership rights at a certain amount at a certain date) and/or deed (escritura) you pay a remuneration fee (exactly described in service contract with Algarvacation.com) for finding the buyer taking over your property owner rights.

Algarvacation.com is using several marketing- and advertisement tools to internationally promote your property. You will get your own internet presentatios with various quality pictures, of course your property will be positioned in search engines. Having excellent relations with some other fully licensed real estate companies we offer an even broader exposure, our advertising and marketing of your property is all included in remunaration fee.....and; you only pay in case Algarvacation.com exactly finds a buyer; no cure no pay!
During the process of trying to find a buyer for property we are there for you answering and advicing in all aspects of real estate, you can also count on an extremely reliable service, however a guaranteed finding of "the" buyer we can't and won't give you, too many uncertain factors are involved, we'll be happy to inform you personally about the Portuguese property market. What we can guarantee is our motto; "best service on property market"

When you're interested giving us an "order-to-sell" please contact us using the contact form, of course completely non-binding and without any obligation.
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